To Merge or not to Merge?

Hello dear readers, can I have a little help please?

As you may know, I have several blogs:

  • This one (Blue Girl Poems), which is where I post my poems
  • Blue Girl Photography, which is where I post my best photos
  • Suzy’s Country Diary, which is where I blog about nature and how it’s changing through the seasons, including lots of photos

Now sometimes I wonder if it would be easier to put all my posts on one blog instead of having different places for different things. But then I think that people who are interested in my poems might well not be at all interested in my photos, or my nature diary, or vice versa. So I have a bit of a dilemma.

As you are the people who read this stuff, perhaps you can tell me what you think?

Please answer the poll to let me know what you think I should do:

Of course, if the decision is made to merge, then I’ve got to figure out how best to do that, but that can wait for now!

Thanks for helping :)

Suzy x


holidays just begun
yet my brain
   not quite letting go
   of the so-many-things
   which threatened
   to overflow
   and dribble out my ears

can’t stop
and now
it is time
to r-e-l-a-x
enjoy this freedom
   l    d
      o    o
         w    w
but still I am
on full-alert
like a meerkat
on guard-duty
so I must breathe
slow and steady
and try