School Gates

And occasional dads
Talk among themselves

I stand alone as usual
On the edges
Still an outsider
After nearly 10 years
Perils of the working mum
Irregular visitor of the school gates
And most likely the only one
Writing poetry as I wait

The lull before the storm
When all the children pour out
All excited chatter and squeals
It’s the weekend!


4 thoughts on “School Gates

  1. I used to wait from my children when they were younger – the only dad at the gate. Standing carefully away from the gaggle of young mothers. And not too near the watchful grandmothers…
    Awkward moments while my brain wrote stories…


    1. I feel sorry for the lonely dads when I see them standing awkwardly, but also impressed that they are there. I’ve always been the odd mum out, even before…
      Last year now before she is at high school with her brother and there’ll be no more waiting at the gate


  2. get this: I work in a school – there are the crowds of children with voices and smiles and the ones to one side always just looking; there are the wads of teachers ‘on message’ and the ones who teach unnoticed in the classroom on the other side of the school gates as well — why do we all have to wait round the gates?


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