I was walking
holding takeaway coffees
the smell teasing my nostrils
One cup began to leak
and liquid trickled across my hand
I stopped for a moment
and licked it up
The sun came out
and for a moment
life was perfect
Coffee on my tongue
sun on my back
all was good
Soon I’d drink it down
and feel it coursing through my veins
and waking up my sleepy brain
I’d concentrate on work again
Anticipation was really building up
And then
I reached the office
and discovered
brown splashed stains
all down my trousers
from that leaky cup
Which really kind of spoilt it


3 thoughts on “Coffee

  1. Oh dear, never a good start to a now coffee smudged working day. My day off has so far started with wittering away 200 emails of bloggers post’s


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