loom over me
like massive stone henge rocks
hewn out of solid granite

trapped in the middle
of the circle as they encroach
ever closer in a horror film 2 step

I’m backing away, feet sliding
slipping ever closer to chaos
to letting go of all the strings
and leaving it to unravel
as they overwhelm me

they pile on me from above
small stones and bigger rocks
thrown with force right at me

children, job, house, garden and car,
bills, phone calls, sickness, plans for afar,
how does this fit in, how does that,
where’s my this, where’s my that
the house is a mess, the garden a state
my reason is spinning, we will be late

til I’m buried in some kind of cairn
quietly sobbing please let me just be

I do not know the way from here
I can not see the path
I wish I knew the right direction
this place is all unknown to me
a stranger in a stranger land

my mind fills up with thoughts
my eyes shut tight block out the sight

I fear my feeble life abilities
can’t cope with these responsibilities
they’re growing larger every day

so I hide here in my grave of stones
black hole sucked and drained of life
as all around me falls apart

and I am
as I ever was
alone in this

and all I want
is simply

10 thoughts on “Responsibilities

  1. Wow. I think you have some truth there about people and how we exist, what we really want and what gets in the way – even if what gets in the way is exactly why we live. I would like to say that we only have a responsibility to what we feel, but I know that is not true and seems you do too.


    1. Thanks Trent, yes ideally we’d only have a responsibility to what we feel, but once you commit yourself to others (or give birth to them!) that responsibility is there to do right by them … and sometimes it’s hard. Think I’ve dug myself out of the stones again though, for now 🙂


  2. Very very honest, my dear. I love this, as I feel overwhelmed often with responsabilities of being a single Mom, while still trying to keep a firm hold on my sanity. I completely agree with you!


    1. Thanks Kharma. Being a single mum is indeed tough at times, and I have a tendency to get overwhelmed and drop things and then it just gets worse. Hope things get better for you soon. I’m a bit less stressed now but I’m sure this feeling will come back around unfortunately.


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