night leaves

turning leaves smoulder in the night
despite dark masking them from view
the blackness seems to stifle life
and smother all the light and good
but still the smoky mists drift up
from changing burning foliage
the embers simmer darkly there
until the lick of morning’s tongue
creeps over the horizon bare
and trees ignite, inflame the sky
cimmerian gloom defeated

with grateful thanks to m lewis redford for the inspiration – the first line, in italics, is all his

12 thoughts on “night leaves

    1. I needed another way to say darkness, without saying darkness, and ‘cimmerian gloom’ turned out be even better than just mere darkness. Hope you like what happened to your words.


      1. it triggered a glance-image of a Boris Vallejo painting of Conan (with ubiquitous princess) atop a rocky peak standing up in the dawn before three wizardy-type beings not quite sure what to do …

        I’ve started playing with the words myself; I’ll let you know what happens … we could start a leaf-trail


        1. I like the idea of the confused looking wizardy types. Makes me think of Terry Pratchett style bumbling wizards.

          Look forward to seeing where the words take you 🙂


  1. OK, here it goes, it’s a bit rough still, but I’ll have to let it drop now before the season finishes … I hope the HTML works, if not include it in the reading

    turning leaves smoulder in the darkness
    wind makes them raise their eye

    best to let them alone
    let the night contain them awhile

    for in the morning
    they will fine-stain the sky

    the scent of green
    they used to be before the sun

    turns the hills back to purple stone
    and then they will have their glory

              … sshhh


          1. time has come, my dear Suzy: I have caught up with … sshhh and am publishing it today on my blog; thank you for babysitting the little critter at your place while I was busy wandering around somewhere else …

            Liked by 1 person

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