My Mind is Gone

an ache in the head
my brain is mostly dead
my eyes are tired
concentration expired
it’s all I can do to write these words
my mind has wandered off with the birds
floating around in a cloudy grey sky
while my body just wishes to lie
and sleep
in a heap
with you


10 thoughts on “My Mind is Gone

    1. Dear Trent, I am very high in the sky, which is fine, very fine, but Suzy needs to work, and she can’t cos I’m gone, flying like a happy kite. She’s resorting to Mountain Dew in an attempt to fly up here after me and get me down. Love from Suzy’s mind x


  1. HA! Suzy, you’re a funny girl. I love your stuff and watching this love affair unravel like a beautiful story. Its exciting and I wish you all the love you both deserve.


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