heavy limbed
spinning slowly
bare, cold
wet cheeked
slipping under
letting go
watery hands
wrapping round
pulling deeper
darker, lower
pale faces
staring silent
trailing wounds
eyes speaking
more than words
needing, needing
but my



2 thoughts on “gone

  1. Sometimes I read verses too literally. Too personally, perhaps. So forgive me if I am misreading your verse. I just wanted to say that I hope this is not true, that your strength does yet reside with you, that your will persists. That your journey will continue.


    1. Thank you George. Pretty much all I write is what I am feeling at the given moment, so you read this just right. A little earlier today I felt like I was drowning and that I didn’t have the strength in me to be a support to the people who need me to be strong. It’s a little better now and I feel a little stronger. What will really help is a good night’s sleep, so I’m going to try and get that. Thanks for your good wishes 🙂


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