Flustered Thinking

  flustering and blustering
    flapping and faffing
       bustling round the house
             making a pile here
         picking things up there
     putting this in a bag
     putting that in a bag
   suddenly remembering things
    I should have done already
       and trying not to think 
  about the slightly tear-stained face
      of a girl who'd rather stay with me
             and trying to remember
      we've done this before many times now 
          it's fine it's fine it's fine
       and wondering why this time seems harder
         perhaps its the endocrine insanity
             bubbling up in their youth 
             and fading in my age
              or is it because of you 
              and how you make us feel 
                  like a kind of family again
              and the thought of being 
                             from each other
                             even for a short while

7 thoughts on “Flustered Thinking

  1. Life just is as it is and no matter the tears and stress and chaos always rebounds back to being fine just fine. Except for some reason it never feels that way until later…oh so much later.


  2. I really like the swish and swoosh in this one – the shapes that your poems follow are always brilliant, they never fail to impress. Also – endocrine insanity, great phrasing there too.


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