if I could
I’d haunt you
like something out of
A Christmas Carol
I’d show you what you’ve done
the damage you’ve caused
and I’d make sure you felt
every single moment
of the pain and hurt
that you delivered
to those you were meant
to protect
I’d make you feel it all
till you begged me for mercy
and I wouldn’t stop
not until you were right here
on the edge with us
and then I’d take him home
and leave you there
knowing what you’ve done
always knowing
and I hope
you suffer

9 thoughts on “haunting

  1. Ouch that’s going to hurt. You have darkness in you for vengeance. Better to let it go and let the love in instead. I’m sure there’s always another side to every story


    1. Yes indeed there are always other sides to stories. However, I was angry and I let that out in a poem … better than letting it out in violence like the person I was angry with might do. I’m not about to start a vendetta, but I do wish the person in question had an idea of what they did and was sorry about it. Fathers should be protectors of their children, not abusers.


  2. If a child has really been abused and you are aware of that surely you should be reporting it to the relevant authorities so it doesn’t happen again?


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