I have a slight blockage
in my word jangler
I hope it will be cleared
in a couple of days
meanwhile have some pity
on a girl who longs to write
but cannot get the words to behave


19 thoughts on “blockage

  1. I have had days like that – even weeks 🙂
    I find looking up prompts and writing challenges from other blogs helps get the creative energy going by opening up writing paths my own brain didn’t think of!


    1. Sometimes looking round blogs helps but sometimes it frustrates me more to see everyone else writing nice things! Although I have just been inspired by the thought of trying some Welsh meters from seeing that on a blog, so you never know


  2. nah, enjoy it, have a cup of tea, try painting, wrap some Christmas presents, sit in your hallway/landing and look at all the doors, make a cake (HA!), writeforfifteenminuteswithoutpauseorthought and pick out the best bits, try doing a headstand, watch a classic film, listen to Joni Mitchell, open a window, yes, open a window, sit in a different room, listen to Brian Eno – Music for Films – in a dark room too dark to see with a blank pad of paper and close your eyes and write whatever writes itself wherever on the pad, sing some Christmas carols, look in the mirror and smile for three minutes without let, change something in the appearence of your blog … anything, but don’t try to write prescriptively


    1. Lots of great suggestions there – thank you 🙂 And you have hit the nail on the head with your last words … I think it got worse and worse because I had this idea of a topic for a poem and kept on and on trying to write it. It was too forced and prescriptive. I will allow myself to relax and just see what happens.


      1. sometimes flinging is the best medicine . I am bit befuddled and funkified myself so maybe in a day or 2 we both can start splattering and kersplunking on our pages again 😉


  3. I’m with mark–send them off to bed without any dinner! just put them on the back burner for a while to simmer, let them lie fallow, yes, let them grow and fly away like little birds, like the children of your mind that they are, put them in a form (put them in a cage) and watch them try to escape (go ahead and throw away the key…they always find it), stick them in your back pocket for a while and fart on them, shoot them like recalcitrant ducks in a shooting-gallery….they’ll come back…they always do…


    1. Leaving them be and looking the other way seemed to do the trick, they came sneaking back while I wasn’t looking 🙂 Thanks for dropping by – glad to have found you via Mark, enjoying your work


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