words smothered
with doubt
creativity stifled
by uncertainty
each sentence
in scrumpled heaps
there is nothing
of worth

17 thoughts on “smothered

  1. If you are in fact trying to describe your own writing, I would have to disagree. There is worth indeed for those who read. Who read and feel and interpret. You encourage thought. You urge hearts to feel.


    1. Thank you George. Yes at the time I wrote this I was feeling very doubting of my abilities with poetry, photography, and indeed everything in life really. I do appreciate you taking the time to remind me that there is something of worth here 🙂


  2. I love your work. If you are interested in writing a poetry duet with me, let me know. You can see poetry duets on my blog. Visit me on Tryst if you think you may want to write with me! 😉 ~ jen


    1. What a kind offer 🙂 The only duets I have done have been with the person who became my love, my soul, my partner, so my experience of them is very personal. I’m not sure about doing others … but it is lovely that you like my poetry enough to consider it. I will ponder …


      1. Sounds goodThey are a cool experience.. Unpredictable.. You never know how they turn out. I enjoy them, and have only written with two others. You, my dear, are the first person I’ve ever asked to write with me. It’s OK if you chose not to.. I still enjoy your work! Come find me if you wish…. ~ Jen


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