thank you

eyes threaten
to overflow
blinking fast
breath sucked in
lip bitten
quietly chewed
a small sniff
sneaking out


3 thoughts on “thank you

  1. Suzy- I hope I did not make you too uncomfortable today. I wish you weren’t a little embarrassed but I get it. You just never know how our words are going to effect people. Yours resonated with me a great deal. I think you are very brave and you expressed everything so perfectly in your poem and in your follow up post.
    You are amazing. I really enjoy coming here and reading your words. –Audra


    1. Don’t worry Audra, I was only a little embarrassed, and it was mainly because reading people saying nice things about me makes me blush and feel all shy. It’s lovely though, and definitely worth a few blushes if my words effect people and mean something to people. Thank you so much & (((BIG HUGS)))


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