the words are not gone
I was looking
in the wrong place
they are written
in delicious meals
in bins lined up outside
in pet-care, child-care
loving, kind-care
for me, for us
our home
our time
our space
in every action
you graffiti
words of love
all over every wall
I do not need
love poems
when your words
are in the very air I breathe

3 thoughts on “graffiti

  1. Another nice poem from you….as always well perceived and expressed. Now that from someone who professes not to be a poetry fan is quite something…..if I continue reading your blogs I may soon be a convert!
    There seems to be a trend here in the refer to graffiti as Street Art….and the quality of some makes you realise why. That said it still divides opinion very widely. Best wishes


  2. I love Graffiti and this poem spray paints in the hind wall of my mind, the image of young lads with scarfs covering their nose, caution, aerosols bombing whatsoever can take the paints in the streets, be it the bins, walls and everything they see… Nice Poem ts’all I can say. Wow!


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