To Merge or not to Merge?

Hello dear readers, can I have a little help please?

As you may know, I have several blogs:

  • This one (Blue Girl Poems), which is where I post my poems
  • Blue Girl Photography, which is where I post my best photos
  • Suzy’s Country Diary, which is where I blog about nature and how it’s changing through the seasons, including lots of photos

Now sometimes I wonder if it would be easier to put all my posts on one blog instead of having different places for different things. But then I think that people who are interested in my poems might well not be at all interested in my photos, or my nature diary, or vice versa. So I have a bit of a dilemma.

As you are the people who read this stuff, perhaps you can tell me what you think?

Please answer the poll to let me know what you think I should do:

Of course, if the decision is made to merge, then I’ve got to figure out how best to do that, but that can wait for now!

Thanks for helping 🙂

Suzy x


8 thoughts on “To Merge or not to Merge?

  1. Question is, does it bother you to have two or more blogs to manage? Because if not then I don’t think you need to merge them. Although if you have one blog where you post your poems, photos and others themes you can actually categorize them in your setting. When publishing your post you can put them tag (ex. Photography, Nature, Poems) and your post will be automatically categorize by tags and will be viewed together with other bloggers post. In that way other readers too can read your post. When a reader browse your blog one might discover a good poems, a photos or other interesting stuff you have. That could also be a good way in gaining more followers and showing them the different artistic side of you in one blog. But as I said, if it doesn’t bother you managing diff blogs, I don’t think you need to. 🙂

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  2. I think perhaps it depends whether you prefer your blogs to be separate or if you’d find it easier to manage if they were merged. I’d agree with CJ Bane’s comment above, using different categories could work on a single blog. You could also add a custom menu to showcase your different categories … like this …
    I follow your posts from the Reader so I don’t miss anything 🙂

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  3. just do what is easier for you 🙂 if people like your poems they will still come by to read them, same as with photography and the Country Diary. at the end of the day..these are your blogs 🙂

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  4. You could set up a “blog” that’s just a title page that’s essentially your personal “homepage” and gateway to your blogs, and links to all your blogs – while also having an “about me”. Basically, something to loosely tie them together while maintaining their autonomy?

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