I cannot sit
I cannot write
my brain
can only
think of pain
and sitting hurts
and hurts
and hurts
I must get up now

I haven’t been posting much the last few days because I’m having trouble sitting and using my laptop because I have what I’m assuming is sciatica. I’m in a fair bit of pain much of the time at the moment and it hurts more when I sit. The most comfortable positions are standing and walking, and lying down. None of which are that great for writing blog posts! Hopefully it will ease up soon and I can get back to normal. Of course even then, I may find I have no words to say! Apologies if I don’t get round to reading all your blogs at the moment too.

from those who get a little blue

it will pass

             we know


     while it holds us there
           crushed in the dark
     while it sucks away
           all our confidence

     while it allows
           life to overwhelm us

excuse us
       if we don't smile

excuse us
       if we moan and groan
                 and float about like
                           miserable rain clouds

we do know
          how lucky we are
we do know
          we are loved
we do know
          we are not as worthless as we think

but we can't feel it
                     right now