night leaves

turning leaves smoulder in the night
despite dark masking them from view
the blackness seems to stifle life
and smother all the light and good
but still the smoky mists drift up
from changing burning foliage
the embers simmer darkly there
until the lick of morning’s tongue
creeps over the horizon bare
and trees ignite, inflame the sky
cimmerian gloom defeated

with grateful thanks to m lewis redford for the inspiration – the first line, in italics, is all his

A moment in traffic

against a background of golden trees
and piles of leaves on pavements
their lives play out around me
as I watch from the queue of cars
snaking our way gradually through town

the regulars like the silver haired man
who I often see twice in my child-carrying
back and forth, sometimes with ears wired
sometimes with a friend in conversation
his eye catches mine once or twice
and I look away fast, just an observer

some regulars I miss now my route has changed
like “man with a bag” always waiting for his lift
I felt like I knew him, so often I saw him there
and also “red lady” whose bright hair I so admired
with her impressive dog handling skills each morn

glimpses into lives as I ponder and sit in traffic
the schoolgirl smoking with slightly furtive glances
looks like she wants to be noticed blowing out clouds
how long before she regrets I wonder
the young couple, faces flushed, eyes bright
deep in conversation with smiles flashed at each other
fingers linked as they walk in step
the introvert stomping through crowds staring straight ahead
doesn’t want to be part of this mess
the nervous looking child not long at high school
trying to cross the road alone
the students proudly wearing their hoodies
with club names scrawled across the back
like the knights of old carrying their colours on banners
some scurry and hurry, lectures to go to, deadlines to beat
some stroll and chat, forget about cars, and risk toes

and all around, autumn takes hold
and squirrels rush about their business
and a gap opens up in the road
and we’re off again, moving onwards with our lives


the change in season
poetically addressed
such a glut of words
we must make word jam
as colours change
and forests blaze

here mid bryn and cwm
and enveloping coedwig
change cannot be missed
daily journey painted
more brightly every day
slows us down to stare

it would be remiss
not to note the change
from summer to autumn
like ignoring a baby
crying in the night
unthinkable, unkind

my thoughts of course
return to love and how
as seasons change outside
so too my heart is changing
new warmth and light glow
as fiery passions burn bright

my soul now bared
like the trees soon will be
nestles cosy with yours
as nights draw in
and changes snowball
into a future all brand new


A Little Note
I live in Wales, UK, and a little Welsh made its way into this poem. I’m not a Welsh speaker, but know a few words here and there.
bryn = hill
cwm = valley
coedwig = forest