sleepless night

I barely slept
at all
last night
no thoughts
were buzzing
through my head
just my mind
was strongly set
to sleep no more
refusing to
allow it
as my body
to rest
all scrunched
with pain
as every move
is stabbing
no place of
comfort there
and now my eyes
are scratchy tired
I dare not move
induce the pain
so I sit
very still
work hard to distract
from the ache
and the stiffening
and wish for
soothing sleep


at night it comes
steals sleep from me
and wracks my body’s
weary bones
and every cough
brings stabs of pain
in muscles strained
by repetition
’til here I sit
in break from work
head throbbing
back twinging
day-dreaming of my bed
and wishing
to float away
on peaceful clouds
and rest a while
regain my strength
and try again