see me

I am not like them
the ladies
in the latest fashion
all fake tan
and heels
and straighteners

I could not pull it off

but am I less
because of
my failure
to be part
of their world?

would they look at me
if I had their
stylish gloss?

I stare at my reflection
and it’s all me
nothing between us
curves and plain skin
a few extra pounds
my forty years
of living here exposed
and I wonder
if it’s good enough
to make me

of respect

this is it
it’s all
that I have
will you see
my truth?


I wear my face
it is my way
does this make me
I have my issues
(as you know)
but on a good day
I see
I’m beautiful
from the inside
no paint required

and yet
I see that
you need it
as your armour
for the day
or you just
like the way
you look
so glamorous


does my daughter
how beautiful she is?

or will she
see so many women
and believe
she has to
cover up her skin?

I want so much
for her
and all the girls
to know
their inner beauty
shines through
much more strongly
than surface perfection
that their faces
and bodies
are good
and strong
and wonderful
as different
or similar
as they may be

no paint

don’t bring me roses

Photo thanks to Alex Crawford

just me

don’t bring me roses
 with their blood red petals
  with their gentle fragrance
   with their thorny stems
    with their soft cool frills

I could hold them close
  and breath in their scent
but I’d rather hold you

I could look in wonder
  at their perfect beauty
but I’d rather look at you

I could touch them to my skin
  and feel their caress
but I’d rather touch you

    bring me yourself
   with your cuts and scars
  with your sweet kindness
 with your imperfections
with your tender love

just you