the view from here

the view from here
has changed

the meadows
where we ran
so wild and free
all gone

replaced by houses
stacked in rows
all neatly lawned
and edged

no trace remains
of childhood days
spent playing there

a world
of pure imagination
(at least ’til time for tea)

the cows moved on
to other fields
the children grew
and ventured forth
the future comes
and takes us all

the view from here
has changed

the first time

the first time
ever I saw your face

the fear and thrill
all mingled in
as dreams came true
our love poetised
into reality
words became touch
and in a rush
of why-wait
we spun our lives
a year flew by
to now
high hopes
our days entwined
contently loving
changed beyond belief
and yet quite true
thank you
my love
more than too

an ode to a numb leg

you look quite normal
and yet
the feeling is
you are not real
you don’t belong
attached to me
but alien
joined up
but separated
I prod and poke
to check you’re there
sensation is
all rubbery wrong
like local
anaesthetic flows
across the surface
of your skin
how do you feel so numb
and yet you ache
from deep within?
I rather liked you
as you were
I do not like
this change
I hope that one day
not too far
you will be mine again