the view from here

the view from here
has changed

the meadows
where we ran
so wild and free
all gone

replaced by houses
stacked in rows
all neatly lawned
and edged

no trace remains
of childhood days
spent playing there

a world
of pure imagination
(at least ’til time for tea)

the cows moved on
to other fields
the children grew
and ventured forth
the future comes
and takes us all

the view from here
has changed

daisy chain

5-img_3604long gone warm summer days
on the village green
grass prickling my chubby bare legs
reaching for yet more daisies
for a chain that could reach the sky
one after another added to the endless length
and all that mattered was the careful task
make a hole
thread it through
make another
thread it through
until the sound of the bell
rung by the chosen child
clang clang clang proudly rung
and back into the cool shade of the classroom

snippets of ancient memories

in my pushchair, under a red
hooded raincover
feeling safe and dry

on the back of mum’s bike
watching vertical lines pass by
on some kind of underpass
a trip to the library maybe

less pleasant glimpse of crying
on the sofa as the cat
who had gone blind
stumbled round and round
crashing into things
making me sob with sadness

that sofa which seemed
so big with my short legs
that stuck out straight
not bent at knees
the edge too far away

those knees, constantly scraped
from my regular stumbles
and mum saying “lift up your feet!”