Wet Christmas (an Englyn Penfyr)

from the riven sky lashing rain floods down
we frown, stare through window pane
as dark clouds descend again

though dry inside the house we yearn for sun
undone, round the house we turn
photos taken as we learn

This is an attempt at an Englyn Penfyr, which is a form of Welsh poetry.

secret tear (a Cyhydedd Fer)

hidden from sight this time of year
often is shed a secret tear
behind closed doors it trickles down
escaping with a worried frown
expectations of this season
can bring pressure beyond reason
as perfect presents must be bought
and rising panic must be fought
it cannot be a perfect day
so let’s see it another way
realise there’s no need for faking
and admit our hearts are aching
enjoy the day for what it is
allow a lull of festive fizz
come together with affection
and embrace our imperfection

This is an attempt at a Cyhydedd Fer, which is a form of Welsh poetry.