in my mind

in my mind
I’m dancing
cloud twirling
mist whirling
and spinning
in puddles
of sunshine
as a joy
soaks in deep
like the rain
on my coat
and it’s all
as I lack
any grace
and my leg
is too sore
but my soul
knows the moves
as my heart
having you
in my life
holding you
in my arms
loving you
every day
every night

Happy Dance

            stomping feet
               and tapping toes

            wiggling hips
               and whirling arms

my feet won’t rest
   songs keep bursting out
my smile is stuck on firmly
   with super superglue

I haven’t been drinking
Mountain Dew
   (not this time)

it’s all because
   of you

Fairy Elephant

Blue, the fairy elephant
clomps about wishing to be dainty
and size 8 or something
with tiny feet and delicate toes

It’s not that she’s massive
just fairly averagely normal
(size 14 if you must know)
but she’s nothing near elegant

Attempts to dance like
a ballerina ended in collapse on the floor
broken vases and dented pride
heavy landings and loud crashes

She used to try to flit about
like a fairy princess all pretty and light
but it only ended in disaster
such an ungraceful child

So now she just accepts it
she’ll never be a fairy princess
she’ll never be a ballerina
she’ll never be dainty and pretty

Instead she spins out dancing words
and weaves them into elegant phrases
which float and caress and delicately land
and gently tip-toe here

Mood Swing

Am I strong?
What was I saying?
Fuck, yeah! I’m strong!

I escaped from the crumbling ruins before
And stepped out into the unknown
I grabbed my chance with both my hands
And strode out strong and alone

It may be cold, but the sun is shining
It may be dark, but there are glimmers of light
It may be hard, but there’s a new day dawning
It’s just round the corner, not far out of sight

Soon I will be back to
Flying, laughing, singing, dancing,
Spinning, soaring, loving, flinging
Arms around the world
And shouting ..

I am here and I am strong and I am wild and I am free
and I am ME!