remember this …

when darkness falls
as thick as death
and all you see
is in your head

when ice surrounds
as cold as night
and all you feel
is frozen numb

when everything’s
and all you do
is just exist

remember this …

the light will come
hope will return
your heart will thaw
this will be won

your soul is strong
your mind is tough
you will emerge
transformed and bright

you’re not the dark
you’re not the ice
they are not you
be free, take flight

this isn’t everything you are
breathe deeply in the silence
no sudden moves
this isn’t everything you are
just take the hand that’s offered
and hold on tight
this isn’t everything you are
there’s joy not far from here
I know there is
this isn’t everything you are

Snow Patrol – This Isn’t Everything You Are

night sky (a Cywydd Llosgyrnog)

observing a distant bright star
imagining something so far
in the tar black of the sky
meteor shower and comet
the emptiness of the dark split
and night lit up as they fly


This is an attempt at an Cywydd Llosgyrnog, which is a form of Welsh poetry, inspired by Bruce watching Stargazing Live.

Photo from Wikipedia. Taken by fir0002 |


why must it come at me now
with its dark draining uselessness
why must it pull me down
into its weed-choked watery depths

the mirror reflects my sad eyes back at me
my sad ungrateful eyes that should be smiling
how can they be so fickle and foolish
when you are there reflected beside them

I’m afraid to let you look at me and see into my soul
where brightness and light should be there is gloom
anxiety and insecurity have stolen centre stage
and pushed contentment and joy out into the wings

I am tired, old, ugly, fat, moody
I am useless, no good at anything
I am pointless, hopeless, get everything wrong
I am hard on myself, but it all seems quite true

and yet

you love this face, you love this body, you love me
so why can’t I love myself?