my day

into the summer
of your nearness
you are a vision
bearing tea
a balm to my tired eyes
and dry throat
then leaving
for the daily grind
a wrench
of separation
tearing me
from your side
and later
at the edge of the day
you feed me bacon
and know my

morning moon

1-moonthe morning moon hangs low
over the treetops
like a ripe fruit
watching over the hills
calm and serene

across the valley
the sun stretches and yawns
sends sunbeams bouncing off clouds
grabbing attention
dazzling eyes

the morning moon rests
wide smiling face relaxed
soft and gently glowing
patiently biding time
til darkness falls again

Waste of a Day

A doomy gloomy kind of day
An “I can’t be bothered” morning
Followed by a “what’s the point” afternoon
A day where children are more work than pleasure
Weather is more rain than shine
Time is wasted and squandered
And nothing is achieved
A day that makes you wonder why you got out of bed at all