I am me 🙂

I never knew
who me was
in terms
other than
mother, wife, worker
and when it came to the crunch
I was lost and alone
grasping at straws
seeking for substance
unsure of my place
or my worth
but step by step
I found myself
my passions
my contentment
making pictures
with words
and camera
observing nature
looking close
and deep
into this world
and into me
and when I wasn’t looking
love found me
this new me
this real me
and our love
is truer
and deeper
a sacred simplicity
imperfect perfection
and as the old life
draws to a close
there is no trace of sadness
only joy
in the newness
of me
and you
and us

the end

this mound
of paperwork
with signatures
here, here and here
please use black ink

an ending
of an ending
after waiting
just enough waiting
for the time
to be right
for the full-stop
to be added
at the end
of the end

and now…

the beginning