early harbinger
of hazy golden days
spring has barely sprung
and I taste summer

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A poetry duet by Blue Girl & Bruce Ruston
Bruce, of Brain Jar and Inkinetica fame, is in italics
Blue Girl, less than famous, is not in italics
As you may gather, we are really enjoying writing together


a leap
from dreaming
written words
to real
spoken words
unspoken words
a touch
hands holding
flesh melding


I am leaning
day dreaming
each syllable
stressed, spoken
like the softest
whisper and touch
flesh remembering
the silk of your caress


bridging the gap
between letters
and phrases
sentences built
into poetry
while eyes meet
and currents flow
bringing the words to life


Like the currents of the Nile
life and words flow
and eyes eddie and wash
back till the currents
dull and lay still in a final
gleen’d stare, thats speaks
a volume of risen sheen’d
that lovers glare


words lose their meaning
as breath takes over
with eyes locked
the magnetic
pull of lips
removes abilities
of speaking
and language spirals


Words are just unmeaning,
connections matter
as an unnerving gesture
of lips and neurons bleeding
for your closeness
unfurling a quantum quirk
of unbridled bridges


If I was not alone …

[poetry written after reading Leonard Cohen in the morning, sitting alone in bed … so blame him]

If I was not alone
This day would not seem so endless
Instead it would seem far too short
To fit in all that we could do

If I was not alone
We’d stay enclosed together
Warm covers comfortably concealing
Our bodies lying skin on skin

If I was not alone
There wouldn’t be this silence
It would be filled with hissing breath
And whispered words of wonder

If I was not alone
My mouth would not be empty
My hands would not be cold and still
The fire would be ignited

If I was not alone
The fire we stoked would smoulder
Even through the drifting day
While clocks hands spin the hours away

If I was not alone
I would not sit here writing words
I would move flesh on sizzling flesh
Instead of ink on paper