egg shell eyes

if I could just 
   let go for a moment
if I could be 
      by the blue egg shell
         of your eyes 
    and let slip my worries

          I could fly

and decisions 
   and plans 
      and work 

would be easy
          outside this anxiety

This may make slightly more sense if you’ve read this book

taking flight

let’s take flight
leave that town behind
that town that drags you under
we’ll swirl and spin and leap and soar
o’er rolling hills and craggy slopes
and boulder’d rocky pebblesome beaches
swooping down o’er breaking waves
feeling salt spray on our faces
then higher higher higher up
’til we skip o’er cloudy billows
boiling in a sky so blue
lit by sunbeams brightest shining
illuminating me and you


a dream of flying

if I could control my dreams
I’d dream of flying
way up in the clouds
like Arthur Dent
and Fenchurch
me with a billowing dress
you removing it in mid air
wet with wispy cloud mist
hands slipping and sliding
on your skin, lips locked
and drifting, spiralling
floating in the moonlight
in a long embrace
hanging in the sky
in much the same way that bricks don’t