holidays just begun
yet my brain
   not quite letting go
   of the so-many-things
   which threatened
   to overflow
   and dribble out my ears

can’t stop
and now
it is time
to r-e-l-a-x
enjoy this freedom
   l    d
      o    o
         w    w
but still I am
on full-alert
like a meerkat
on guard-duty
so I must breathe
slow and steady
and try


reduced to
this screen
cursor flashing

it waits
as I stumble
to put hugs
into words
to spell out
the ease
of a squeeze
and a kiss
to type
my fingers
into your hand

we woo’d
in word only
but words have

all that I want now
is you in the flesh


Note: I am on holiday with family and missing Bruce. I am having fun though and wouldn’t want my family to think I’m miserable! Just missing him in the midst of the fun.