at the end of the day

as weary as I am
as blue-tinged as I am
with endocrine absurdity
my heart still lifts
to see you
my smile sneaks out
despite my tears
of pure irrationality
within your arms
my soul’s at rest
your kiss becomes
my medicine
and fears subside
tense muscles droop
as I relax
I’m home

true home

was a word
that tore
at me
when you
were there
and we
were here

my home with them
without you
my heart
between two homes
my love
my family
an ache
in the gap

since you came
I am whole
my pieces
no longer asunder
my home is one home
a true home
our home
where you are
where they are
where we are

the last time

amid the bustle
and stress of day to day
            a pause
            a moment of reflection
     for you
         the wonder
    that you are
  and as you rest
         you rest assured
    that you are held tight
       in my arms of words
          my ribbons of words 
             reaching all the way to you
          my tendrils of love letters
             tenderly touch your face
                  and stroke your wayward hair
   that this will be the last time
                     the final night
       there will be no more of these
    distant words in the dark
       the end of these sad yearnings
              for something more
and the joy swells within me
    the butterflies whisper softly
    and I count down the hours
        until I come to you
              and bring you