implausible news
of a malfunctioning left buttock
has me stretching
inaccessible areas
contorting limbs
and looking in surprise
at the feebleness
of my efforts
and it hurts
my goodness it hurts
and yet
I find relief in
doing something
in taking action
against the pain
despite it causing pain
but hoping that this pain
is good pain
unlike the other pain
all this
from an unlikely
with the view of my posterior
in a mirror
by helpful physio
there displayed
my deficient buttock
clothed in my least favourite
(I did not know
they’d be on show)
despite embarrassment
I stared in wonder
at the lack
and now I fight
with exercises
and groaning
more vigorously
than before
I am spurred on
by my

An Ode to Tea

Drink of champions
Ultimate refreshment
Makes everything better
No matter what the world throws at you
Tea is always there
It never leaves you
Parched and alone

When problems surround
When everything seems too hard
Stop and make tea
Pour on the water
Watch the colour stain
Stir and stir and stir
As thoughts swirl round your mind

Squeeze out the tea bag
Squeeze the living daylights out of it
If it helps
A splash of milk
Sugar (if you must)
Take a deep breath
And drink

 A poem from one of my older blogs, resurrected for a bit of fun 🙂


Reluctant to sweep them away
The cobwebs build in corners
What if there’s a spider there
Holding her breath
Waiting to feel a vibration
Back along the threads
Even though she knows
He’s far away down many
Interconnecting lines of silk

I’ll let them stay
Encouraging the spider romance
Hoping they haven’t lost their appetite
For the damn flies

But if they get together
And have lots of spider babies
I might freak out
And suck them all up
Down the vacuum cleaner pipe