letting go

seems I fail
at letting go
of past hurts
speak of leaving them behind
yet hold them to me tight
picking at the scabs
making them bleed

putting the past
behind me
forgetting …
so much easier
if the past doesn’t
creep up
and grab me
by the ankle
pulling me back in

it’s just this small thing
just this tiny thing
but magnified
’til those past hurts
are right now
sore and stinging
with unfairness
and confusion

I have to learn
this letting go
what I have
here in my hand
this golden
love-filled future
where pasts are merely
of a different time
is all
that matters

New Year

past hurts fade with the sand
as it drains from the hourglass of the year
choosing to let them go
each memory freed to fly with the wind
no more to dwell on those
mistakes, heartbreaks, sadness and loneliness
as midnight passes by
hands and hearts held, looking to our future