open gate


two years back
a difficult decision
to be made
stay sad and stuck
or step out on a new path
thoughts spinning
tears falling
alone and afraid
clinging to hope
that life could be better
this open gate
a path to somewhere new
I took a deep breath
and stepped through


This print of a Chris Chalk painting is freshly framed today. I bought it nearly 2 years ago, while in the middle of making a huge decision, and finally today I got it up on the wall. I bought it because it represented hope and choosing to step out into the unknown.

A Girl and a Buoy

A(nother) poetry duet by Blue Girl & Bruce Ruston
Bruce, of Brain Jar and Inkinetica fame, is in italics
Blue Girl, less than famous, is not in italics


I set aside my past
Attempt to grasp the future
It reaches back and pulls me on
To find the thing I’m searching for


the hurt and pain
anchor the feelings
unwillingly, as time goes
they will learn of flight
as forgiveness shines


The anchor weighs heavy
I must tear through the rope
Sawing through the fibres
The edges start to fray


Rise up as buoy
red and mirthful
promoting the safety
let all longing sink not
and tarry forth renewed
to the arms, of another kind


The last thread released
I am freed and I bob
Up to the surface and into the arms
Of the welcoming hope



there is                   a tear
in my                   fabric
started                 as a nick
getting               longer
all the              time
ragged             edges
splitting             ripping
painful             sound
rending            wrenching
threads           hanging
stuffing           showing
guts          spilling
i don’t        know
which       way
to go

Storm Tossed

I remember this day
standing staring out to sea
wind tearing words out of my mouth
making it hard to tell what was tears
and what was just my eyes watering

Nearly Christmas, 3 years back
left the office in a rush of emotion
my mind a flurry of thoughts and fears
wondering if life could go on like this
trying to see a way out

I didn’t know it then
but my strength was building
and freedom was beckoning to me
I just had to see that I could take its hand
and step away into the unknown

I stood and stared at the ocean
the waves crashing on the pebbly beach
relentlessly, continually, for ever more
and breathed in the sea spray
with its wild and untamed scent

I didn’t know
I couldn’t see
But soon I would