in warm darkness
the quiet
is not so quiet
the stream rushes
louder tonight
swollen by rain
in my mind
I see
the white water
pouring down
from the hills
crashing over stones
and I might be swept along
in the tumbling torrent
swept with the twigs
and the leaves
the lost things
and the rush
of all the possibilities
all the twists
and turns
of where we start
and where we find
and all the things we might do
the places we’ll go
the changes we’ll make
and the love
that keeps growing
as the year turns
and the unknown future
rushes towards us

New Year

past hurts fade with the sand
as it drains from the hourglass of the year
choosing to let them go
each memory freed to fly with the wind
no more to dwell on those
mistakes, heartbreaks, sadness and loneliness
as midnight passes by
hands and hearts held, looking to our future