slipping into night

moments of peace
clocks tick
keys clunk
as words spill
on my keyboard

the weekend
long as it was
is over
the house has
returned to full

and only now
the quiet spreads
as eyes close soft
to sleep
as gentle breaths
and tiny sighs
replace the noise
of squabbling siblings
demanding time

accepting of my fate
I must join them
in their dreaming
as some of us
must go to work
once morning comes again

night sky (a Cywydd Llosgyrnog)

observing a distant bright star
imagining something so far
in the tar black of the sky
meteor shower and comet
the emptiness of the dark split
and night lit up as they fly


This is an attempt at an Cywydd Llosgyrnog, which is a form of Welsh poetry, inspired by Bruce watching Stargazing Live.

Photo from Wikipedia. Taken by fir0002 |