by my basket
of woes
I sat


you held my hand
until feeling

an ode to a numb leg

you look quite normal
and yet
the feeling is
you are not real
you don’t belong
attached to me
but alien
joined up
but separated
I prod and poke
to check you’re there
sensation is
all rubbery wrong
like local
anaesthetic flows
across the surface
of your skin
how do you feel so numb
and yet you ache
from deep within?
I rather liked you
as you were
I do not like
this change
I hope that one day
not too far
you will be mine again

remember this …

when darkness falls
as thick as death
and all you see
is in your head

when ice surrounds
as cold as night
and all you feel
is frozen numb

when everything’s
and all you do
is just exist

remember this …

the light will come
hope will return
your heart will thaw
this will be won

your soul is strong
your mind is tough
you will emerge
transformed and bright

you’re not the dark
you’re not the ice
they are not you
be free, take flight

this isn’t everything you are
breathe deeply in the silence
no sudden moves
this isn’t everything you are
just take the hand that’s offered
and hold on tight
this isn’t everything you are
there’s joy not far from here
I know there is
this isn’t everything you are

Snow Patrol – This Isn’t Everything You Are