open gate


two years back
a difficult decision
to be made
stay sad and stuck
or step out on a new path
thoughts spinning
tears falling
alone and afraid
clinging to hope
that life could be better
this open gate
a path to somewhere new
I took a deep breath
and stepped through


This print of a Chris Chalk painting is freshly framed today. I bought it nearly 2 years ago, while in the middle of making a huge decision, and finally today I got it up on the wall. I bought it because it represented hope and choosing to step out into the unknown.

If I could paint

I wish I could paint
with actual paint
not just with words
I would paint my love
the way it glows
and shimmers
and spins
I would paint the colours
blues tinged with gold
streaks of red and purple
I would paint the shapes
of curves and arches
of finger trails
and tippy-toes
the shapes of hands held tight
and souls entwined
and ripples spreading
from the core
reaching to the edges
spilling out into the world
and all who looked at my painting
would feel it, and know it, and wonder at it
this love