paper chains

I have no
great supply
of metaphors
no lustrous words
all polished
and held ready
I merely need
desire, require
to string my thoughts
in paper chains
and strew them here
when nothing else will do


come words
help me escape
from this paralysis

spill from my fingers
in cascades
of staccato
keyboard taps
from heart
to blinking cursor

flow forth
in rivulets
of feeling
pooling on this screen
and trickling
down the


poets in love

words touched words
ere fingertips
reached across the kismet
darkness seen
exposed and loved
though eyes had not met yet

souls entwined
with letters scribed
on each tangled tendril
hearts embraced
as stanzas wrapped
pulses soothed and tranquil

now combined
both word and deed
love poems penned on skin
in our eyes
with lover’s gaze
the message plain within

ink flows through
these fated veins
stains our home with colour
you and I
for ever more
a poetic wonder

For those new to my story, this is auto-biographical – Bruce & I met online via our poetry blogs, fell in love by words, and now live together very happily

The Wonder of Words

These words are in my blood
Boiling up from within me unbidden
And now they won’t stop
Like one of those geysers forever spurting
Except mine spurts words instead of water
They seethe under my skin
I swear you would see them there
Like something out of Alien
The shape of half formed poems pushing their way out
I bleed ink, I sweat words from every pore
The sheets on my bed stained with pen marks when I wake
From the poems I dreamed while I slept
I erupt like a volcano
Hot words dripping down me
Melting through my inhibitions and igniting imagination
Everywhere I look there are words forming on my tongue
Turning vision into pages of text
Translations of sights to words
I taste words, I feel words
They fly out of me like arrows
Ready to pierce your heart so you feel my pain
And the wonder is that they reach you
And you feel it too