skin maths

the thickness of my skin
I think
would be
directly proportional
to the level
of my mood
and therefore, confidence
and one might draw
a diagram
(to illustrate)
and display this
mathematical function
on graph paper
with a pencil
and ruler
if one was in the mood
for such things

small lives

accidental glimpses
of moments not mine
a glance into tv-lit living room windows
conversations half heard from passers by
freeze-framed arm-waving distant arguments
a fractious child crying and mother’s strained calm
small snippets collected
like a photo mosaic
building a picture
of other lives
filed in my memory
marked miscellaneous
so many people
just passing each other
me in my small life
and you there in yours

Feverish Nonsense

I feel a little feverish
(both metaphor and physical)
There’s a flush on my cheeks
(and a pain in my ear)

And I’m thinking about thinking about you
(An entirely different kind of you)
And I’m thinking I should be thinking about work

Though my mind wanders
And begins its ponders

On topics of distance
(slightly exaggerated)
Numbers and equations
(known and imaginated)

And I’m making up words now
Just to get a rhyme
And I’m making no sense now
But really what’s new?
And I’m wishing for a pub now
And a nice long pint
Where we could just sit now
Just me and you