sunshine & breezes

I have gentled myself
in the softest of breezes
I have smiled at myself
in the kindest of ways
and the sun
as it shines
in the blue skies
above me
is beaming with joy
through the shimmering haze

Mood Swing

Am I strong?
What was I saying?
Fuck, yeah! I’m strong!

I escaped from the crumbling ruins before
And stepped out into the unknown
I grabbed my chance with both my hands
And strode out strong and alone

It may be cold, but the sun is shining
It may be dark, but there are glimmers of light
It may be hard, but there’s a new day dawning
It’s just round the corner, not far out of sight

Soon I will be back to
Flying, laughing, singing, dancing,
Spinning, soaring, loving, flinging
Arms around the world
And shouting ..

I am here and I am strong and I am wild and I am free
and I am ME!