funny how the pendulum 

      s w  i   n    g     s


o         s        c       i      l     l    a   t  e s 

      (if I'm being scientific)

from weeping gibbering wreck
                    to confident "normal" person

and you

     you are my pivot

                  my friction

                  my gravity

curbing the wildness of my swing

    the closer I hold 

          to the warmth of your love

odd thoughts about tides

the ground we stand on seems quite solid
but i’ve read that tides affect land
as well as ocean
and equatorially
you’d be moving up and down
like waves on the sea
while standing on dry land
hearing echoes of improbability drives
and people turning into penguins
and limbs floating gently away

the science of emotion

my emotions can be graded in a scientific way

by measuring the volume of my tears
by timing the length of their falling
by assessing the redness of my eyes
by counting the number of tissues

by observing the frantic catching of breath between sobs and noting how little I care that snot is dripping off my nose

you might create a rating system
and put me in a colour coded spreadsheet
ordered from tsunami
down to storm in a teacup
and everything in between

but if you are unable to be here with me
please read my words
and read between my words
and read around my words
and read the tear stains
and the pauses for breath
and read the words that I am not saying
and read the words that I cannot find

read me and weep with me
as I read you and weep with you




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I’m a walking talking cliché factory

Opening the curtains today
I’m greeted by a rainbow
I could take it as a sign of hope
Or I could take it as a sign
Of science and refraction
And random chance of
Sunlight and raindrops being
In the right place
At the right time

But the darkness and light
Unite to create something
Whatever I think

Looking out now from the kitchen
On the other side
The sun is struggling
to emerge from the clouds
But just as I stop and stare
It breaks free, nearly blinding me
With its brightness

Is the universe really trying to tell me something?
Or should I fetch my cloak of cynicism
And put it back on, quickly
Before I’m fooled

Happy Ever After?
Messages in the sky?
The future’s bright?
Yeah, right!