waves crash
cross promenade
making a new beach
scattered with bricks
torn railings
and shredded benches
a telescope
for viewing far off boats
lies askew
in what was the road
the seawall smashed
and caving in
a hollow
where the floor
should be
white water surges
down the streets
sweeping unwary
off their feet
as the ocean
reminds us
it was never domesticated
just restrained

The seafront in my local town of Aberystwyth has been torn apart by the storms, reminding us of the true strength of the ocean, something which I think we forget too easily.


today I must travel
~~ over the sea ~~
yet further away
from my love

d o u b l i n g
the distance
far far away
very very
far far away


tis just a few days
my data will roam
wifi will be had
if technology
will behave
it won’t
be so


the usual excitement
for this fun business trip
is sadly lacking


I’d rather
travel the
etisoppo way
–> towards you
<– not further away