the passing storm

the tide is turning
     waves are building
          higher with each day
     a build up of
          until all is
               overcome by
                              a task list so long
                                   its a novel
                    so many things
                         so many pills
                              so many, many things and pills
                                   all piling up so high
                                        so high
                                             so very, very high




     ’til I’m left
     just afloat
     on top of the swell
     treading water like hell
     to keep up my head
     so my face can tell lies
     about ‘everything’s fine’


and then later


in your arms
the dam bursts
no lies only truth
and there will be tears
many tears falling fast
’til the beat of your heart
and the warmth of your love
sooth my life-battered soul
into calmness and peace
as sleep forgives all
till the morning

too many things

I’m so tired
I can barely think
let alone write
yet here I am
wanting to put words
I’m so tired
I can barely focus
on this screen
I want to rest
but all my tired mind
can do
is flutter
and flap
like a trapped bird
too many things
too many thoughts
too many to be held for much longer
they will all fly away
in a murmuration of murmuring thoughts
till I am left
an empty shell
fingers still typing
my emptiness
till the moment
when all
is consumed
by the darkness