there’s a certain rhythm in the
the backbeat of these cold-filled days
my nose-blown horn rings out so loud
to celebrate the weekend’s here


if it would help

if it would help
at all

I would
gouge out my eyes
and hand them to you
let you see what I see
in you

I would
rip off each finger
one at a time
let you feel what I feel
when I touch you

(the last few I’d do with my teeth)

I would
give you my lips
with a smile still left on them
let you know how it feels
when you kiss them

I would
tear out my heart
and present it to you
let you know how it feels
to love you

you’d probably say
it’s just an organ
pumping blood
no real feelings caught up
in its arteries and veins
but you’d be quite surprised
as you felt the love
pulsing inside

I’d collapse on the floor
blind and lipless
fingerless and heartless
as my life ebbed away
content in the knowledge
you’d finally get it
the depth
(and the madness)
of my love
for you

or perhaps

if it would help
at all

I would write you a poem
a slightly silly one
a slightly funny one
a slightly gory one
a slightly crazy one
but one full of love all the same