nature weeps

Mother Nature’s
as violent as my own

she is weeping
and wailing
her tears pour down
my window pane
her cries whistle
round the chimney

such confusion
it should be spring
but she is so cold
and alone
nothing makes sense
in this mixed up world

the gentle warmth
of spring sunshine
is forgotten
all she can give us
is sleet and snow
storms lashing
with passion
and despair


       n               f
           o              l
               w             a
u n e x p e c t e d l y
 big    wet
     fat       flakes
  s m o t h e r i n g
  spring       crocuses
   and      turning
  the        world
    back      to
   w i n t e r
      w h i t e

Childhood Days

days of endless summer
freedom of the fields
hiding in the tall grass
until the farmer made hay
days of scrambling out of bed
as soon as we woke
“I’m going out to play!”
yelled out, assuming someone heard
in my memory it never rained
and no one fell or cried
just sunshine, playtime
imaginations running riot
we rode bikes up and down
as far as permitted, no further
we splashed in the stream
wellies on, trousers muddy
gave the local cows names
each one recognised and greeted
and when it wasn’t summer
we crunched through autumn leaves
puffing our breath like steam trains
or stomped through snow so high
and built so many snowmen
it never snows like that anymore
days so distant now but fresh
as yesterday if I just close my eyes
and remember


[I felt the need for a lighter poem after my splurges of spilled words. I was inspired by Jeremy Nathan Marks on The Sand County who posted a poem called On the street where you live – thanks Jeremy for the inspiration for a lighter poem :)]