early harbinger
of hazy golden days
spring has barely sprung
and I taste summer

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spring is here

spring has slowly sprung
with lush green leaves
and fresh clean blooms
ferns unwind themselves
testing air before unfurling
bumblebees hum the soundtrack
of the change in the air
warm sun glows through petals
lace and frills against the blue
with sunshine on our backs
and in our smiles
we welcome new light

nature weeps

Mother Nature’s
as violent as my own

she is weeping
and wailing
her tears pour down
my window pane
her cries whistle
round the chimney

such confusion
it should be spring
but she is so cold
and alone
nothing makes sense
in this mixed up world

the gentle warmth
of spring sunshine
is forgotten
all she can give us
is sleet and snow
storms lashing
with passion
and despair


       n               f
           o              l
               w             a
u n e x p e c t e d l y
 big    wet
     fat       flakes
  s m o t h e r i n g
  spring       crocuses
   and      turning
  the        world
    back      to
   w i n t e r
      w h i t e