summer wishes

whisper to me softly
with the leaves in the breeze
hum and sing along
with the birds and the bees
as the grasshoppers chirp
and the sun beats down
lay me in a shady spot
and soothe away my frown

summer’s haze

20130708-134259.jpgmy hair fills my face
teased by the breeze
my feet are tickled
by prickling grass
my back is just
beginning to ache
I’m changing position
with every breath
my jeans I fear
may be slightly damp
I swear an ant went
somewhere it shouldn’t
and yet ..
and yet I sit
beneath this tree
embracing the wildness
and living this moment
my lunch break escape
where nothing else matters
but here and now
and feeling this feeling
of warmth and contentment
relaxation and calm
alone but not lonely
in summer’s haze