icy teardrops


she stands
in the empty graveyard
heartbroken and lost
pale faced
cheeks icy cold
tears freezing
as they trickle

and alone
always alone
forever alone
she aches
for her love

but she knows
they can never be
for he is
all warmth
and light
and she
the bringer
of the snow

here would I lie

oh here would I lie with you
in the shadow of the weeping willow
while drunken bees stumble slowly by
all smothered in gold dust
here where the air is thick and heavy
where turquoise skies are framed by leaves
here where the warm grass caresses our skin
and birds sing us a lullaby
oh here would I lie with you
and trace our love in lazy finger paints
of rainbows on your chest
and whisper love notes in your ear
and sprinkle kisses on your face