morning moon

1-moonthe morning moon hangs low
over the treetops
like a ripe fruit
watching over the hills
calm and serene

across the valley
the sun stretches and yawns
sends sunbeams bouncing off clouds
grabbing attention
dazzling eyes

the morning moon rests
wide smiling face relaxed
soft and gently glowing
patiently biding time
til darkness falls again

change of season

today will be mostly rainy
the grey cold sky weeps hard
with weary forlorn tears
that trickle down my windowpanes

yesterday was bright and sunny
as light shone proud on frost
and frozen droplets glistened
bathed in smiles and warmth

moodswings of poor mother nature
going through the change



I’m a walking talking cliché factory

Opening the curtains today
I’m greeted by a rainbow
I could take it as a sign of hope
Or I could take it as a sign
Of science and refraction
And random chance of
Sunlight and raindrops being
In the right place
At the right time

But the darkness and light
Unite to create something
Whatever I think

Looking out now from the kitchen
On the other side
The sun is struggling
to emerge from the clouds
But just as I stop and stare
It breaks free, nearly blinding me
With its brightness

Is the universe really trying to tell me something?
Or should I fetch my cloak of cynicism
And put it back on, quickly
Before I’m fooled

Happy Ever After?
Messages in the sky?
The future’s bright?
Yeah, right!