New Light


a light
streams out

falls back

problems fade
as focus shifts

and nothing matters
nothing else but this
connection, meaning
more than words

an explosion in the night
a crescendo of light
crackling electricity

no longer distinct
but merged
lines softened
edges blurred

melting in your smile
nestled in your soul
gathering you to me
with tender strokes

this feeling

this feeling
it can’t be held in
it seeps out
past any kind of attempt
to keep it covered

this feeling
it bubbles up
from deep within
bidding me shout it out
or whisper it softly to you

this feeling
when I look at you
it overwhelms me
lips curve, tears well
defences broken and tattered

this feeling
it lights me up
so I am glowing
I’m sure the world must see it
written in my eyes

this feeling
that draws you in
to rest upon my chest
to let your spirit softly land there
and nestle in

this feeling
a touch so tender
on my soul
a gentle trace of fingers
on my heartstrings

this feeling
this sweetest feeling
is real and true
this love
for you

don’t bring me roses

Photo thanks to Alex Crawford

just me

don’t bring me roses
 with their blood red petals
  with their gentle fragrance
   with their thorny stems
    with their soft cool frills

I could hold them close
  and breath in their scent
but I’d rather hold you

I could look in wonder
  at their perfect beauty
but I’d rather look at you

I could touch them to my skin
  and feel their caress
but I’d rather touch you

    bring me yourself
   with your cuts and scars
  with your sweet kindness
 with your imperfections
with your tender love

just you