who was I
a year ago?
what was I
from this angle
looking back
I wonder
at myself
lost and confused
misled, exploited
and even now
at this distance
it pains me
to remember
so forgive me
if I cling
to you
my love
I am floored
by how far
I have come
from there
to here
and oh so grateful
for your love

and on the third day …

time is falling
from the sky
and I’m twisting, arching
flinging myself
at odd angles
trying to avoid the downpour
but the years
will soak me through
one is born
one dies
one fights the inevitable
yet in the end
comes acceptance
lying down in the
feathers of mist
drenched in age
and as dawn comes
I will stand up again
with a creak and a groan
proudly wearing the
cloak of antiquity
and embracing
the passing
of youth